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Season 2 Episode 1: Mac Attack

Bob kicks off by discussing wayward drones, Google Fuchsia, annoying things about Linux, and his new army of old Macs.

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An old beige Apple Mac in a light wood desk with the monitor switched on
Apple Macintosh LC II
A small metal box is connected to a computer monitor displaying Debian linux
Apple Mac Mini (mid-2010) running Debian 9
A green circuit board covered in cellotape
FIFA 97 (Sega Megadrive) internal cartridge board


Tech questions

  • How should I get started with retrocomputing?
  • Has Bob ever wavered from using Linux?
    • He has never had a purely Linux-only network, but has always had Linux installed on something
    • Between and he used more Apple Macs, but there was still plenty of Linux around his home network
    • Since he graduated in his employment has depended on Linux
  • What things annoy Bob most about Linux?
    • Gate-keeping and ego-driven distro choices
    • Ubuntu breaking some Lenovo Thinkpads
    • Graphics drivers and Intel WiFi firmware
    • Mainstream distros deprecating 32-bit hardware
    • Critical applications that will never be ported (eg. Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, AutoDesk, etc)
  • What does Bob think of BSD?
    • It probably won't ever catch up with Linux on consumer hardware
    • There is a big opportunity for BSD on servers and embedded devices due to its permissive license (now that most legal wrangling is over)
    • BSD is a great way to revive old hardware that Linux distros have stopped supporting

Personal projects

  • Bob now accepts donations via Neocities, Liberapay and Ko-fi.
  • Bought an Apple Macintosh LC II with a broken SCSI hard drive
  • Setup a mid-2010 model Mac Mini as a dedicated workstation for blog posts, podcasts and other side-projects.
  • Released Mastodome 0.3 as a final "sunset" release that is MIT-licensed
  • Migrated this site and the audio files for this podcast from Gitlab Pages to paid Neocities hosting
  • Bob plans to make more blog posts and start experimenting with video on PeerTube

The podcast audio for this episode is provided under the license terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). "Light Sting" by Kevin MacLeod and "Key to Your Heart" by The Mini Vandals are both available to download under license from the YouTube Creator Studio audio library.