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Season 1 Episode 2: Moving swiftly on...

After a successful pilot the BTS Podcast returns with an all-new soundtrack, better voice recording equipment and a bimonthly schedule Bob's determined to stick to.

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Main topic: Frequently-asked technology questions

  • Isn't GNU/Linux just a command line operating system that hard-core nerds use?
  • I'm new to GNU/Linux, which distribution would you recommend?
  • Should I try fully-free distributions like Trisquel GNU/Linux?
  • What advice would you give to a trainee software developer?
  • Which programming language(s) would you recommend learning?
  • How can I contribute to open source and free software projects?
  • How much traffic does Bob's Tech Site get?
    • 6166 unique visitors generating 49634 requests in the last 30 days (at time of recording)
    • Normally averages around 4000 unique visitors a month when I periodically check the Cloudflare dashboard

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The podcast audio for this episode is provided under the license terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). "Light Sting" by Kevin MacLeod, "Boardroom Theme" and "English Country Garden" are all available to download under license from the YouTube Creator Studio audio library.