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The tide turns

I love Windows Vista. I think it's great. But you do need some serious horsepower behind it, and my laptop doesn't have it. I took a good hard look at the software and hardware specs, and realised that it would run much better under Windows XP Professional. So, adhering strictly to Toshiba's (somewhat restrictive) warranty, I've installed it. It works great. I just need to install some drivers to get the sound, graphics and wireless LAN to work, but otherwise, it's been a complete success. However, I did pine for the sweet scent of Vista's good looks. Thankfully, I found a great 3rd party tool (which I'll post here when I remember what it's called [ed. Vistamizer]) which makes XP act and look just like Vista - but without scoffing all the hardware resources I've paid good money for and spitting it out in disgust!

I've also done a bit of a Linux revamp too. I really like Ubuntu Linux, but having installed "Gutsy Gibbon", I found that all worked apart from the sound. I therefore installed openSUSE hoping that this would correct the situation. On the plus side, I now have an encrypted partition for my /home directory (which I can use on any future Linux distros). On the downside: The sound, graphics and Wireless LAN don't work. So, it looks like I'll be heading back to the green, green grass of home (hang on, that's openSUSE's colour...err... the brown, brown human-colour of home... no, that doesn't really work...!!!) and reinstalling Ubuntu. I'm dreading having to download the 100-200 odd updates, but if it means it'll work... I just need to play around with Gutsy and get ALSA to recognise my sound card and all will be fine!!!

So, that's the present situation with my laptop. I'm sure I'll report much better things soon. Oh, and I may be getting an XBOX 360 Elite console, so watch this space!!!