Bob's Tech Site


"Bob's Tech Site" is Bobby Moss's personal blog. This page lists archived posts in chronological order, from newest to oldest. RSS

BTS Latest

These are blog posts that have been written for the latest and greatest "Bob's Tech Site". Bob's primary aim is to create accessible, trustworthy & permissively-licensed content about useful topics, his interests and various passion projects.


BTS Reboot

This section contains articles created since Bob's Tech Site was re-launched as a self-hosted Wordpress blog in 2013. The main objective during this era was for Bob to show off his technical knowledge and professional achievements to potential employers.

Posts about my involvement with previous employers' recruitment activities have been omitted. Posts that still fit in the "BTS Latest" era have been ported.





BTS Classic

Here's a selection of posts from early versions of Bob's Tech Site that still age well and give an insight into Bob's early experiences with Linux. It started out as an assignment while Bob was at sixth form college, but he kept it running afterwards as a personal blog about technology-related things.

Posts about defunct products that confuse people who don't read timestamps have been omitted, as are embarassing republished Bebo and MySpace posts Bob wrote as a teenager.